Microelectronic Component Specialist

AS9100 and ISO 9001 Certified
News and Articles
Six Sigma Press Release
September 16, 2011Press Release: Six Sigma Achieves AS9100 Rev C Certification
Mike Mazdeh, San Jose, CA

October 29, 2009Winslow Automation Achieves AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Dale Albright, Milpitas, CA

October 29, 2009SIX SIGMA Achieves AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Dale Albright, Milpitas, CA

November 13, 2008SIX SIGMA Achieves Transitional QML Certification
Dale Albright, Milpitas, CA

October 21, 2008SIX SIGMA Achieves AS9100 and ISO 9001:2000 Certification
Dale Albright, Milpitas, CA

Technical Papers
October 2006CCGA Board Level Testing Report (External; PDF)

March 2001Column Grid Array: A Modified COTS Approach for Area Array Packaging of Military and Space Electronics (5MB, PDF)

May 2007Experimental Satellite Integrates SIX SIGMA CGA (External)

June 1998Preform Method Simplifies Small Volume BGA Ball Attach/Reattach (PDF)

White Papers and Presentations
October 2006Actel CCGA Board Level Testing Report (External; PDF)

October 2006Hot Solder Dip and Minimizing Thermal Gradients

March 2006BGA Reballing for Military & Aerospace Applications Poster (jpg)

November 2005Converting Ball Grid Array to Column Grid Array Poster (JPG)

September 2004Tin Whiskers
Dale Albright, Sales and Marketing, Milpitas, CA

September 1998BGA Reballing Services Information
Chad Hyatt, Six Sigma, San Jose, CA

Other Interesting Articles
February 2011Ceramic Column Grid Array Design and Manufacturing Rules for Flight Hardware (PDF)
Goddard Technical Standard

August 2006"Could RoHS mean the end of COTS as we know it?" (PDF)
Military & Aerospace Electronics

Other Articles Lead Free
May 2006Get the Lead Out (External)
WORLD Magazine

October 2005Lead-free solder: A train wreck in the making (External)
Military & Aerospace Electronics

August 2005Aerospace Industry Transition to Lead-Free Electronics (External)
Boeing Environmental Technotes

Other Articles Tin Whisker
October 2007"Tin Whiskers" imperil electronics (PDF)

April 2006Tin Whiskers: A History of Documented Failures (External)

September 2005“Reactor Shutdown: Dominion Learns Big Lesson From A Tiny ‘tin Whisker, TheDay.com, April 2005” (External)
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR)

August 2005“Serious Doubts Among Engineers on Tin Whisker Testing” (External)
Design News

January 2005“Tin Whiskers: The Next Y2K problem?” (External)

January 2005NASA’s information on Tin Whiskers (External)

Other Articles Tin Pest
August 2005“Tin Pest: Still a Forgotten Concern in Lead Free Assembly” (External)

November 2004“Napoleon's Buttons and Lead-free Soldering” (External)
Advanced Packaging, Lead-free Electronics