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Ball Attach and Reballing


SIX SIGMA has been providing Ball Attach and Reballing services to the Military, Aerospace and Commercial industries for  over 10 years.

SIX SIGMA can convert solder sphere composition from lead-free to tin-lead (Sn63-Pb37 or Sn10-Pb90), or from tin-lead to lead-free. SIX SIGMA can also reball your customer-returned components so they can be electrically tested for failure analysis purposes or possible reuse.

The ball attach and reballing process consists of three steps – (1) deball, (2) sphere placement, and (3) reflow. In the deball step, automated sphere removal is performed in a Flexline® robotic solder dip system which involves a controlled, gentle, multi-unit process. The solder spheres and any intermetallics are dissolved and flushed away by our special zero-contact process which does not use solder wick that can harm pads.

SIX SIGMA is capable of handling both high- and low-volume production for sphere placement. For high volume production, our Vanguard automated line is used, while the patented SolderQuik® BGA Preform method is utilized for low-volume production. After sphere placement, the solder spheres are subjected to forced-convection reflow where a low component temperature is maintained and the component’s thermal gradient is minimized. The BGA components are then cleaned and inspected.

SIX SIGMA offers qualification testing that includes acoustic microscopy, ionic cleanliness test, and ball shear test.

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