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Column Grid Array (CGA) is the ultimate solution to thermal cycle reliability limitations common in commercial Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages. Differences in coefficients of thermal expansion and differential temperatures between component and board can cause significant stresses in typical BGA solder joints. By replacing rigid solder balls with SIX SIGMA's patented solder columns, significant improvements in thermal cycle reliability (on the order of 600 to 800 percent) can be achieved.

Originally developed by Raychem Corporation, SIX SIGMA's copper-reinforced solder column has become the standard of choice in high reliability, military, and space applications. Due to their innovative construction, SIX SIGMA columns are very ductile which helps them to absorb the solder joint stress. In addition, the reinforced solder column out-performs the commercial straight wire column. In a straight wire column, a crack quickly propagates, causing an electrical open. However, with SIX SIGMA's unique construction the electrical open is abated by the redundant connection created by the copper ribbon.

In service in harsh environment applications for over 20 years, this proven technology is your answer to ruggedizing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components to meet your high reliability, military, or aerospace needs.

Why convert from BGA to CGA?

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